AMR Control 2015



05 Introduction Jean Carlet PDF [wpfa icon=”fa-download”] 

Global overview

12 A global overview of antimicrobial resistance Dame Sally Davies, Laura Shallcross and John Watson PDF [wpfa icon=”fa-download”]

Economic and business models

18 Antibiotic innovation– some lessons from the WHO processes on public health, innovation and intellectual property Jens Plahte and John-Arne Røttingen PDF [wpfa icon=”fa-download”] 

26 Sponsored feature: More shots on goal: Towards an innovation ecosystem sufficient for the fight against antimicrobial resistance  Adrian Thomas and Jaak Peeters, Johnson & Johnson PDF [wpfa icon=”fa-download”] 

29 Creating an intergovernmental consortium for new antibiotics: A new development model Marie-Paule Kieny PDF [wpfa icon=”fa-download”]

36 Sponsored feature: Seeking the new silver bullet against bacteria Sandoz PDF [wpfa icon=”fa-download”] 

Monitoring, surveillance and national plans

40 Surveillance and monitoring of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) Steven Solomon and Kashef Ijaz PDF [wpfa icon=”fa-download”] 

46 Sponsored feature: Monitor and control epidemics  via no-contact population sorting  Fabienne Ostermeyer, Visiomed Group International PDF [wpfa icon=”fa-download”] 

48 Antimicrobial resistance control in AsiaJ ae-Hoon Song PDF [wpfa icon=”fa-download”] 

54 The actions of China in containing antimicrobial resistance Yonghong Xiao and Lanjuan Li PDF [wpfa icon=”fa-download”] 

62 The South African Antimicrobial Resistance Strategy Framework Marc Mendelson and Malebona Precious Matsotso PDF [wpfa icon=”fa-download”] 

70 Tackling antimicrobial resistance through prescription control in human health Céline Pulcini PDF [wpfa icon=”fa-download”] 

Antimicrobial resistance and the environment

76 The role of sanitation in the development and spread of antimicrobial resistance Antoine Andremont and Timothy R Walsh PDF [wpfa icon=”fa-download”] 

Confronting antimicrobial resistance

85 Diagnostic solutions critical to limit antimicrobial resistance development Catharina Boehme, Mark Kessel and Ilona Kickbusch PDF [wpfa icon=”fa-download”] 

89 The role of improvement science in infection control M Rashad Massoud, Danika Barry, Sonali Vaid, Nokuthula Mdluli Kuhlase and Samson M Haumba PDF [wpfa icon=”fa-download”] 

98 Anti-tuberculosis drug resistance surveillance Kuldeep Singh Sachdeva, S Anand and Ranjani Ramachandran PDF [wpfa icon=”fa-download”] 

104 Monitoring, surveillance and control in the face of HIV resistance to ARV globally: The experience of a high-burden country Gillian Hunt, Francois Venter, Lynn Morris and Gary Maartens PDF [wpfa icon=”fa-download”] 

108 The Global Antibiotic Resistance Partnership Hellen Gelband PDF [wpfa icon=”fa-download”] 

112 The Chennai Declaration and antibiotics stewardship in developing countries Abdul Ghafur PDF [wpfa icon=”fa-download”] 

Alternatives to antibiotics

116 Phage therapy back to the future!Jérôme Gabard  and Patrick Jault PDF [wpfa icon=”fa-download”]

120 Phage therapy: Could viruses help resolve the worldwide antibiotic crisis?  Daniel De Vos and Jean-Paul Pirnay PDF [wpfa icon=”fa-download”] 

Animal husbandry and antimicrobial resistance

126 Costs and benefits of antimicrobial use in  livestock   Aude Teillant PDF [wpfa icon=”fa-download”] 

World Alliance Against Antimicrobial Resistance

134 About World Alliance Against Antibiotic  Resistance (WAAAR) PDF [wpfa icon=”fa-download”] 

136 Appendix 1: The WAAAR declaration against antibiotic resistance: The Paris Declaration:   June 2014

141 Appendix 2: Commitments to Responsible Use of Antimicrobials in Humans, 13–14 November,   2014 Oslo, Norway

144 Acknowledgements

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