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Welcome to AMR Control, which brings together high-level contributors from around the world to monitor and analyse the worrying challenge of antimicrobial resistance (AMR), as well as providing its readership with a coherent picture of the latest thinking on developments, solutions and policy. Our writers all come from the fields that are in the frontline of prevention, epidemiology and research.

AMR Control first appeared in 2015 and has been published once a year since then by Global Health Dynamics. It is read by key stakeholders in the AMR community globally. Now in its fifth edition,AMR Control is available as online, mobile, library and hard copy editions. There is also a French language edition.

The Editors

AMR Control is published in association with the World Alliance Against Antibiotic Resistance (WAAAR) and edited by the President of WAAAR, Dr Jean Carletand the Vice-President, Garance Upham. The work of the WAAAR has been recognized by the European Union, who awarded it a top prize in its European Union AMR competition for NGOs. Dr Marc Sprenger, Director of the World Health Organization’s AMR Secretariat, paid to tribute to WAAAR and AMR Control “for its long-standing commitment to addressing AMR and for publishing the annual AMR Control book” (WHO March AMR newsletter).


The International Advisory Scientific Committee

Our editorial team are assisted by an International Scientific Committee (IASC) composed of world-renowned figures from across the AMR community and from around the world.

At present the members are as follows (in alphabetical order):

  • Professor Jacques Acar(expert OIE, WHO-AGISAR and AMR pioneer)
  • Dr Antoine Andremont(Member, Advisory Group on Integrated Surveillance of AMR, WHO-AGISAR)
  • Dr Awa Aidara-Kane (Coordinator, WHO-AGISAR)
  • Dr Jean Carlet(President, ACdeBMR/WAAAR, 2015 Chair France’s National AB Preservation Plan)
  • Dr Dame Sally Davies(Chief Medical Officer, England, UK)
  • Professor Ilona Kickbusch, (Director, Global Health Centre, Graduate Institute, Switzerland)
  • Dr Rashad Massoud(Director, USAID’s Applying Science to Strengthen and Improve Health Systems, ASSIST Project, USA)
  • Mrs Precious Matsoso, (Director, Department of Health, South Africa)
  • Professor Cassandra L Quave, (Dermatology and Human Health, Emory University, USA)
  • Dr Mario Raviglione, (Director, Global Tuberculosis Program, World Health Organization)
  • Professor John-Arne Røttingen, (Chief Executive, Research Council of Norway)
  • Dr Joseph Sitienei, (Head, National Strategic Programmes, Ministry of Health, Kenya)
  • Dr Steve Solomon, (Global Public Health Consulting, former AMR Office Director, US CDC, USA)
  • Dr Soumya Swaminathan, (Director General, Medical Research Council, India)
  • Professor Yonghong Xiao, (State Key Laboratory for Diagnosis and Treatment of Inf. Diseases, China)
  • Professor Tong Zhang, (Civil Engineering Department, University of Hong-Kong, China)