AMR Control 2015



05 Introduction Jean Carlet PDF  

Global overview

12 A global overview of antimicrobial resistance Dame Sally Davies, Laura Shallcross and John Watson PDF 

Economic and business models

18 Antibiotic innovation– some lessons from the WHO processes on public health, innovation and intellectual property Jens Plahte and John-Arne Røttingen PDF  

26 Sponsored feature: More shots on goal: Towards an innovation ecosystem sufficient for the fight against antimicrobial resistance  Adrian Thomas and Jaak Peeters, Johnson & Johnson PDF  

29 Creating an intergovernmental consortium for new antibiotics: A new development model Marie-Paule Kieny PDF 

36 Sponsored feature: Seeking the new silver bullet against bacteria Sandoz PDF  

Monitoring, surveillance and national plans

40 Surveillance and monitoring of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) Steven Solomon and Kashef Ijaz PDF  

46 Sponsored feature: Monitor and control epidemics  via no-contact population sorting  Fabienne Ostermeyer, Visiomed Group International PDF  

48 Antimicrobial resistance control in AsiaJ ae-Hoon Song PDF  

54 The actions of China in containing antimicrobial resistance Yonghong Xiao and Lanjuan Li PDF  

62 The South African Antimicrobial Resistance Strategy Framework Marc Mendelson and Malebona Precious Matsotso PDF  

70 Tackling antimicrobial resistance through prescription control in human health Céline Pulcini PDF  

Antimicrobial resistance and the environment

76 The role of sanitation in the development and spread of antimicrobial resistance Antoine Andremont and Timothy R Walsh PDF  

Confronting antimicrobial resistance

85 Diagnostic solutions critical to limit antimicrobial resistance development Catharina Boehme, Mark Kessel and Ilona Kickbusch PDF  

89 The role of improvement science in infection control M Rashad Massoud, Danika Barry, Sonali Vaid, Nokuthula Mdluli Kuhlase and Samson M Haumba PDF  

98 Anti-tuberculosis drug resistance surveillance Kuldeep Singh Sachdeva, S Anand and Ranjani Ramachandran PDF  

104 Monitoring, surveillance and control in the face of HIV resistance to ARV globally: The experience of a high-burden country Gillian Hunt, Francois Venter, Lynn Morris and Gary Maartens PDF  

108 The Global Antibiotic Resistance Partnership Hellen Gelband PDF  

112 The Chennai Declaration and antibiotics stewardship in developing countries Abdul Ghafur PDF  

Alternatives to antibiotics

116 Phage therapy back to the future!Jérôme Gabard  and Patrick Jault PDF 

120 Phage therapy: Could viruses help resolve the worldwide antibiotic crisis?  Daniel De Vos and Jean-Paul Pirnay PDF  

Animal husbandry and antimicrobial resistance

126 Costs and benefits of antimicrobial use in  livestock   Aude Teillant PDF  

World Alliance Against Antimicrobial Resistance

134 About World Alliance Against Antibiotic  Resistance (WAAAR) PDF  

136 Appendix 1: The WAAAR declaration against antibiotic resistance: The Paris Declaration:   June 2014

141 Appendix 2: Commitments to Responsible Use of Antimicrobials in Humans, 13–14 November,   2014 Oslo, Norway

144 Acknowledgements

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