AMR Control 2016




05 Introduction Jean Carlet  Government engagement – PDF  Online 

08 The French approach to fighting antibiotic resistance: A constant and coordinated effort since 2000
Jean Carlet, Anne-Claude Crémieux, Christian Brun-Buisson, Patrick Dehaumont, Benoit Schlemmer and Benoit Vallet PDF  Online 

15 “Is that all?” Very little investment needed to save US$ 100 trillion in AMR costs! An interview with Lord Jim O’Neill PDF  Online 

19 National strategies for the control of antimicrobial resistance: The Hellenic challenge
Flora Kontopidou PDF  Online 


Rational use of antibiotics

24 The global definition of responsible antibiotic use: The DRIVE-AB project
Stephan Harbarth, Benedikt Huttner and Veronica Zanichelli PDF  Online 

27 The global definition of responsible antibiotic use: Three highlights
Inge Gyssens and Annelie Monnier PDF  Online 

31 The evolution of the Global Antibiotic Resistance Partnership
Hellen Gelband PDF  Online 


34 SPONSORED FEATURE: biomérieux
Diagnostics come of age to combat antimicrobial resistance Marie-Françoise Gros  PDF  Online 

35 Medical value of rapid MRSA/SA screening in emergency surgery
Anne Dubouix-Bourandy PDF  Online 

38 SPONSORED FEATURE: Visiomed Augmented medicine for all
Fabienne Ostermeyer PDF  Online 

40 Diagnostic innovation for antimicrobial resistance
Rosanna W Peeling and Debrah I Boeras PDF  Online 


AMR and Tuberculosis


46 Gearing up to end tuberculosis: A model for tackling antimicrobial resistance?
Mario C Raviglione PDF  Online 

52 Kenya’s adoption of an electronic tuberculosis surveillance system
Joseph Sitienei PDF  Online 


Infection prevention and control

56 The role of a global hand hygiene programme in supporting infection prevention and antimicrobial resistance control
Claire Kilpatrick and Didier Pittet PDF  Online 

61 In the era of antimicrobial resistance, safety-engineered injection devices can decrease the burden on countries’ healthcare systems
Arshad Altaf, Selma Khamissi and Assad Hafeez PDF  Online 

65 The role of water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) in healthcare settings to reduce transmission of antimicrobial resistance
Rochelle Rainey and Merri Weinger PDF  Online 

69 Hospital cleaning, a key element to prevent cross-transmission and amplification of antimicrobial-resistant disease outbreaks
Sandra Malavaud PDF  Online 

75 Protecting patients with HIV from antimicrobial-resistant organisms
Nigel Livesley PDF  Online 


R&D innovation

80 Strengthening research and innovation to address the challenge of antimicrobial resistance
Soumya Swaminathan and Kamini Walia PDF  Online 

86 SPONSORED FEATURE: Johnson & Johnson
More shots on goal: Towards an innovation ecosystem sufficient for the fight against antimicrobial resistance
Adrian Thomas and Jaak Peeters PDF  Online 

89 Bacteriophage therapy: Current hurdles to successful drug development
Eric Pelfrene, Zigmars Sebris, Ana Cavaleiro Sanches and Marco Cavaleri PDF  Online 

92 pCure:Targeting plasmids to reduce the burden of  antibiotic resistance
Alessandro M Lazdins, Claire E Miller, Mark A Webber and Christopher M Thomas PDF  Online 

97 Antibiotics from nature: Traditional medicine as a source of new solutions for combating antimicrobial resistance
Cassandra L Quave PDF  Online 



104 African countries facing AMR: The input of e-Health and digital high technology
Franck Mansour Adéoti, Hyppolite Agboton, Serge Coffié, Joseph Boguifo, Mireille Dosso, Stanislas Sansan Kambou, Patrick Ismaila Mbengue, François Teboul and Félix Boa Yapois PDF  Online 


AMR in food, water and the environment

110 The spread of antimicrobial resistance through the food chain and the contribution of the WHO AGISAR expert group to its control
Awa Aidara-Kane and Antoine Andremont PDF  Online 

116 Risk assessment and risk management of antimicrobial resistance in the environment
Ana Maria de Roda Husman and D G Joakim Larsson PDF  Online 

120 Antibiotics and resistance genes in wastewater treatment plants
Tong Zhang PDF  Online 



126 World Alliance Against Antibiotic Resistance PDF  Online 

128 Acknowledgements