Fabienne Ostermeyer, International Development Director, Visiomed Group International

Visiocheck is the medical device solution for the professional’s use inside the Bewell Connect ecosystem. It aims at being a problem solver for any health professional involved in rural medicine, remote medicine, emergency operations and isolated population coverage. 

It was conceived by listening day after day to medical doctors working in the field of operations, with aid organizations, in assistance missions, emergency doctors, telemedicine operators…


Monitor patient health anywhere with this highly versatile technology

We allow you to rapidly and simply monitor your patient’s vital signs, as if it were a normal medical consultation in a medical practice or in the field. Visiocheck hosts several vital signs sensors:

  • An arm blood pressure monitor (with all cuff sizes from premature baby to extra large);
  • A no contact thermometer using the new-generation ThermoFlash  patented technology;
  • A continuous oximeter with pulse;
  • A five electrode, seven lead ECG.

Visiocheck is also equipped with an HD camera, a high luminosity flash, and a tactile 4 inch/12 Million colour screen,  allowing the caregiver to take pictures and videos of scars, spots, wounds, trauma areas and eventually of the healing process. With the camera, caregivers can also film the throat and tonsils.

Once collected, all of this data can then be stored in the patient file in a Health Protected Cloud, or directly transmitted to an expert centre.

Visiocheck can also be used for continuous remote monitoring of patients at home, for example to perform an ECG or Blood Pressure Holter, or a  polysomnography test (sleep study).

Very soon, the Visiocheck will be equipped with other sensors such as a Spirometer, a Glucometer, an electronic stethoscope and a mini biological analysis lab.

The ultra-mobile health device 

Less than 300g and only as big as a smartphone, Visiocheck has the same functionality as a smartphone. It can communicate through Wi-Fi, 2G/3G/4G. Following your needs, it can easily communicate through a videoconferencing system with an expert centre, for a doctor to get a second opinion, or assistance, or for the patient or caregiver to be given further instructions.

Its communication mode enables the device to connect easily and it can sync with any existing EMR.

Visiocheck works in both asynchronous and synchronous (real time) modes. In other words, if the caregiver using Visiocheck has no connection, Visiocheck stores the encrypted data, and can then send it to a protected health cloud, once coverage has been restored.

Because medicine is a daily job performed in various conditions, it should be made simple, for the better care of anyone.

Under any conditions, Visiocheck is the personal health helper for caregivers in the Bewell Connect ecosystem

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