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Augmented* medicine for all

Fabienne Ostermeyer, International Development Director, Visiomed Group International Imagine if we could treat Mr Smith, 61 years old and suffering from heart failure, before his lungs suddenly fill with water, and avoid bringing him to an emergency room where doctors would have to put him under a high pressure mask for hours, followed by 13 days of hospitalization. Imagine if we could anticipate events and cure him before he actually felt the symptoms and that instead of hospital he could stay at home and never know what might have happened to him. Well this is not tomorrow, this is today....

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The spread of antimicrobial resistance through the food chain and the contribution of the WHO AGISAR expert group to its control

It has been known for a long time that the food chain is a major vector for transmission of pathogenic bacteria to humans through multiple direct or indirect routes, and considerable efforts are made both at national and international levels to control this spread and ensure food safety.

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