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Responses To Antimicrobial Resistance In All Policies – The German AMR Strategy

Karin Knufmann-Happe, Director General For Health Protection, Disease Control And Biomedicine, Federal Ministry Of Health, Germany In 2015, the German Antibiotic Resistance Strategy, DART 2020, was approved by the Federal Cabinet. At the same time, the Global Action Plan on Antimicrobial Resistance was adopted by the World Health Assembly. The provisions of the Global Action Plan were taken into account in the preparation of DART 2020. DART 2020 pursues six objectives. Following the One Health approach, all objectives address human and veterinary medicine equally. Main activities in the human health sector in the coming years are the better integration of the outpatient sector, the provision of information on AMR to the public, the further expansion of surveillance systems, international cooperation and strengthening research. Health systems across the globe are facing major challenges due to the increase in antimicrobial resistance (AMR). In the past, it had been believed that the discovery of penicillin and the use of antibiotics would wipe out bacterial infections; however, for a number of years now we have observed a worldwide increase in AMR in both human and veterinary medicine. Infections that are triggered by resistant bacteria are more difficult to treat or can sometimes no longer be treated at all. Because of the limited treatment options, longer stays in hospital and also the working time lost, AMR is not only placing a burden on the...

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Jean Carlet, President, World Alliance against Antibiotic Resistance (Waaar) and Chair, National Task Force on Antibiotic Preservation, France; Anne-Claude Crémieux, Vice Président, National Antibiotic Plan Committee, Moh, France; Christian Brun-Buisson, Ministerial Delegate for AMR, Moh, Paris, France; Patrick Dehaumont, Director General for Food, Ministry of Agriculture, France; Benoit Schlemmer,  Head, Antibiotic National Plan Committee, Moh, France and Benoit Vallet, General Director for Health,  Moh, France The French programme against antibiotic resistance has been intensified since 2000. A set of national plans have been developed, both for humans (three plans from 2001 to 2016), and in the veterinary setting from 2012 to...

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