Fabienne Ostermeyer, International Development Director, Visiomed Group International

Imagine if we could treat Mr Smith, 61 years old and suffering from heart failure, before his lungs suddenly fill with water, and avoid bringing him to an emergency room where doctors would have to put him under a high pressure mask for hours, followed by 13 days of hospitalization.

Imagine if we could anticipate events and cure him before he actually felt the symptoms and that instead of hospital he could stay at home and never know what might have happened to him.

Well this is not tomorrow, this is today. Come do it with us, we’ve already started.

In 2014–2015 using Bewell Connect, we launched a patient-centred, simple to use, complete ecosystem of medical devices and services that allows patients, health professionals and hospitals to access a new model of evidence-based medicine, which is accurate, highly personalized, preventive and, most of all, predictive.

You can remotely monitor Mr Smith, wherever he is: at home or visiting his grand kids…all he needs is the Bewell Connect body scale and blood pressure monitor.

The Bewell Connect ecosystem can be implemented by hospitals or medical doctors who want to remotely monitor post-hospitalization patients and/or patients with chronic diseases. The relevant medical devices are then selected and given to the patient, thresholds are set for each patient. The system uses a dedicated gateway to communicate between hospital and patient.

This ecosystem can also be used by patients willing to take control of their own health,  as connected health  through its various services can help patients monitor their own condition. Through the unique App BewellConnect, we provide progressive medical assistance at three levels:

  • Level 1: Bewell Connect provides simple and intuitive tools for self-management. I can monitor my vitals and personalize my objectives and my results are interpreted through simple red/orange and green indicators (green = fine; orange = attention; red = danger).
  • Level 2: With BewellCheckUp, our virtual medical assistant asks questions when there is a problem (typically a red reading) or new measurements, assessing the level of emergency, the most probable causes, giving personalized advice and recommendations.
  • Level 3: Finally, MyDoc turns the virtual doctor into a real one. The user can be in touch with a medical doctor 24/7 by using the phone or videoconferencing.

Let’s come back to Mr Smith, what he has is commonplace, with a prevalence of more than 5.8 million in the United States and more than 23 million worldwide. In 1997, HF was singled out as an emerging epidemic, which is severe (the mortality rate is up to 30%) and expensive €15,000 per patient/year in France (90% of which is spent on hospitalizations).

This is what will really change Mr Smith’s life: predictive thresholds.

We can detect early weight gain. Check, call him, make a slight change in prescription and Mr Smith will not end up in hospital wearing a high pressure oxygen mask for many hours.

This simple system was put into practice five-years ago and the results are clearly amazing.

With Bewell Connect: One single aim: easy and reliable solutions adapted to the normal patient environment. For a preventive, predictive, personalized care plan.

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* “Augmented medicine”: By combining connected health objects and connected services, Visiomed lets patients enter into an new era in which the quality and the rapidity of medical care is enhanced.