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All around the world, antimicrobial resistance is now seen as a major problem and the emphasis is shifting from mere acknowledgment of the situation to positive action. The G7 Health Ministers, quoted above, have declared how they will approach solving this global threat to our well-being. A new partnership between the UK and China has established a billion-pound Global Antimicrobial Resistance Innovation Research Fund to further stimulate positive and practical interventions. AMR Control is published to assist this process and to reinforce action by bringing together those who are driving change and by sharing information. “We emphasize that combatting AMR requires a three-fold approach: first, by improving infection prevention and...

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Antibiotics and resistance genes in wastewater treatment plants

Tong Zhang, Environmental Biotechnology Laboratory, the University of Hongkong, China Antibiotics have been discharged into wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) for decades. As a result, multiple classes of antibiotics have been widely detected in different WWTPs worldwide. The widely applied biological treatment process creates favourable conditions for antibiotic resistance gene (ARG) development and horizontal gene transfer under the sub-inhibitory antibiotic concentrations. So far, six classes of antibiotics, i.e., β-lactams, sulfonamides, quinolones (fluoroquinolones), tetracyclines, macrolides and others have been detected in the influents and effluents from WWTPs worldwide. A big portion of ARGs in natural environments and fecal samples could be...

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Introduction by Jean Carlet

Dr Jean Carlet, President, The World Alliance Against Antibiotic Resistance (WAAAR) 22 March 2016 This book is the second edition of AMR Control, which is published annually. Like the 2015 volume, it contains papers written by highly recognized international scientists and experts. Antibiotic resistance is a multi-faceted topic, and therefore the authors come from a variety of viewpoints. However, the topics are complementary and focus on the important aspects of antibiotic resistance. There are over 20 papers this year, plus an interview with Lord Jim O’Neill, leader of the United Kingdom’s programme against antibiotic resistance, whose Review on AMR is keen to...

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